Results for IMPACT Year 2 Released

Researchers at the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship have shared their findings for year 2 of the IMPACT project.

During this structured research and innovation pilot project, they are partnering with eight members of the BC Employment Network to enhance employment-related planning and supports for transitioning youth (15-19 years or Grades 10-13) with developmental disabilities or autism, who are preparing to move from secondary school to post-secondary school and/or employment.

The project is testing the hypothesis that intervening early with transitioning youth using employment interventions that consider each individual’s unique strengths and interests will improve their future employment outcomes.

Results were measured both qualitatively and quantitatively through case studies and data collection. Despite the continued context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Year 2 Cohort has demonstrated positive results. Moving on from the pilot project of Cohort 1, Cohort 2 provided many insights that will inform and be duplicated for Cohort 3. The data reveals an increase in overall paid and unpaid work experience through engagement with IMPACT, as well as an increase in self-assessed knowledge about employment. The programs offered to participating youth improved the youth’s unique strengths and interests related to employment and skills. In general, the results prove promising and the future cohort will not only offer another important summer program of youth support and interventions across the eight agencies, but will also provide considerable strength in terms of the statistical results and potential analysis from Cohort 2.

All the results and the full report can be found here: