Supported Employment Fundamentals for CLBC Life Service Providers (Virtual June 2023)

This five-day, 35-hour training is organized into five modules. Each module includes several lessons, with a number of topics in each lesson. The training incorporates a combination of presentations, discussions, guest speakers, activities, exercises and field study.  Participants work individually as well as in small and large groups.

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this training, you will have gained:

  • Enhanced understanding, knowledge and ability to support individuals who choose employment.
  • Increased expertise, confidence and knowledge about Supported Employment models, strategies, training approaches, and best practices.
  • Improved community, business and professional networking strategies.
  • Increased capacity to deliver successful Supported Employment.

The various stages of Supported Employment including transitions, employment and career planning, job development, marketing and job coaching will all be discussed and practiced in an interactive, hands-on method. Resources and tools will be shared and developed for your specific program needs.

Customized Self-Employment Training (Langley September 2023)

Customized Self-employment or microenterprise development provides an often untapped option for Job Seekers (and their supporters) to consider when seeking meaningful employment. In this 2 day 15 hour training, you will participate in small groups (using sample business ideas such as bath products, dog walking, or lawn cutting) and go through practical exercises on competitive research, peer research, financial research, one page business planning, the basics of marketing, basics of selling, customer service and finding supporters.

Learning Outcomes

You will leave with the knowledge on how to know if an idea will work, how it would work and how to support a job seeker succeed in Self Employment.