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Learning Outcomes

I have an enhanced understanding, knowledge and ability to support individuals who choose employment.*
I have increased expertise, confidence and knowledge about customized employment models, strategies, training approaches and best practices.*
I have improved networking connections with other customized employment providers.*
I have increased capacity to deliver innovative, high quality customized employment services.*
This course will be beneficial to me in doing my job.*
I know where I can get support when I need it.*

Course Content

The overall quality of the course content was excellent.*
The course structure was logical and easy to navigate.*
The pre-readings supplemented my learning.*
The course handouts assisted my learning.*
The PowerPoint presentations were useful visual aids for the course content.*
The exercises and activities provided opportunities to practice skills.*

Course Delivery

The overall quality of the course delivery was high.*
Pre-readings and home-work assignments were reasonable.*
The trainer was knowledgeable.*
The trainer was enthusiastic and interested.*
The varied training methods were appropriate to the learning styles of the group.*
The trainer kept to the agenda and the course moved along well.*
The virtual platform did not hinder my ability to learning*
I would be willing to take another on-line course*
The trainer was available for support and questions.*

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